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In Celebration of National Poetry Month: Poetry by Brooke Supernault and Kisakaw Burnham

Authored by: Andrea Deleeuw

April 6, 2020

April is National Poetry month, and we could not be more excited to feature poetry by two up and coming Indigenous poets from the Treaty 8, Grande Prairie region: Brooke Supernault and Kisakaw Burnham. Each poet has their own distinct way of captivating their readers in story, and it is our honor to feature their work on!

Poetry by Brooke Supernault

About the Author

Brooke Supernault (@supernaultpoetry) is a teacher, currently residing in Grande Prairie. She grew up in High Prairie, which is located 2 hours east with a large Indigenous population. After realizing the need to increase the amount of Indigenous people in professions, she studied for 5 years at Grande Prairie Regional College and obtained her Bachelor of Education. While teaching gives her the ability to create, she needed a more creative outlet that could reach a larger audience. After finding Amanda Lovelace’s (@ladybookmad) work through Instagram, she was inspired to write her own poetry to help her through some difficult times. She believes poetry helps to connect people through emotions and allows the reader to infuse their context into the poems to create meaning. She believes that although we might have a hard time expressing difficult feelings through spoken word, poetry and writing can be cathartic and allows the writer to use as few or as many words as they would like. To see more of her work, follow her on Instagram at @supernaultpoetry

Poetry by Kisakaw Burnham

Just to put this f e e l i n g upon you is almost pure and absolute bliss, Almost. In my own words i can shape and form anything ; it can most definitely be done. Even though you might not completely believe in me, i'll show you the dark side of the moon. The side no one talks of because their eyes are Oblivious and beautifully ignorant to the moon's feelings. I am the moon, one part of the moon, one half of her luna, let me tell you . The moon has a tidal pull, So strong and powerful, She will leave you feeling powerless. .. You won’t like that and you will hurt her for taking your frail will power away from your presence. Since you have the freedom to choose, you decide to no longer confide in the moon… The dark side of her majesty is what i am, no one see’s me , or thinks about me in their spare time They’ll wish on a falling planet They’ll pray to the moon and her elegant light beams, But they’ll never even think to talk to me. Even though i have just as much force and input on the tidal pull, My contributions will stay inaudible. It hurts deep inside my heart strings When in the meanwhile her body is seen With SUCH Honourable beauty, And her hair makes harmonizable, Heartfelt Heavenly Symphonies. While my hollow harmony won’t be felt through the ears of those on this planets ground. I try to be cutting edge, and make a charming, Timeless Changeless Celestial symphony. Everyone see’s her , such light coloured complexion , She is aesthetically iridescent. Furthermore here i am , behind her astrological shadow, It is me who is authentic. For no one on earth's history has EVER Seen me , ( laid eyes upon me ) So how could they try to be … I… The drab overcast, The crepuscular Ill-lighted side Of the most beautacious …. Ravashing…. Thing of them all… our neighboring star, luna. Luna, I have fallen in love with you It’s so beautiful how close, Yet far away you are with my hands... Luna, How could you ever pay attention to this Drab mess, ball of ugliness, For you are THE light side of the moon, And i’ll never see you , my love, luna. Till the galaxy ends.

Dark Lavender

Dark lavender. Am i enough for you to savor, in your memories images of me will stay to linger Dark lavender. You can question my elegance, prey on my innocence, But you can not have my moral. Dark lavender. I find you again in every inhale, no matter where i run you creep close in trail. Dark lavender. You stalk my tracks, turning my taste in life dark and black. Dark lavender. I stay for the sake of my own, to feel ostracized from the rest. I don't do it for you, i AM to be the one who is empty for the sake of being unique. I did it for me. Never for you Dark lavender. I don't know whether you wrecked or saved me. You pulled me back from an edge - a barrier to be stuck in time with you, A beautifully picturesque crepuscular soul. Dark lavender. You are on the edge of beauty and evil. I am to be petrified while intrigued by your mysterious means. Dark lavender, I am afraid that you may very well be me.

About the Author

Kisakaw Burnham is a band member of Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, and was raised in Wembley, AB. She is nehiyaw and practices her culture. Kisakaw has performed her poetry at local events in Grande Prairie, including at the Grande Prairie Friendship Centre's Talent Showcase. Kisakaw is an active member of the Traditional Paths Society traditional dance group, and in her spare time she enjoys attending cultural gatherings with her family and friends.


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